Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scrapcity Design Team Call! :)

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I am an admin/dt member for a new site, Scrap City and they are having a design team call. Passing this info on to any of my friends who may want to try out. We are announcing it on the Pub Calls site soon. Come try out!
The Scrap City (www.thescrapcity. com) is an up and coming scrapbook forum. We enjoy having a good time while meeting people all over the world and chatting about our favorite pastime…scrapbooking . The Scrap City is looking for people to join their Design Team ~ The Scrap City Socialites. If you are interested in joining the Scrap City Socialites, please e-mail the following to thescrapcity@ gmail.com : (this is Phase 1 and will be open until October 1st)
DT application~
Scrap City Forum ID/Name

Link to your gallery

Link to your blog and/or website if you have one.

Short bio

List your prior experiences

Design Teams you are currently affiliated with

Online Message boards/forums/ you are active on (please send username and url)

Have you been published; if so, where?

What makes you a unique asset to our team?

Can you make the commitment to posting everyday? If not, why?

What is your address, phone and e-mail address?

Also, please submit the following (specifically made for this search and not posted on any other website/forums)
Two paper layouts (any size)
One altered item (mini-album or other item)
2 paper cards
(Pictures can be scanned, digital,etc- -does not matter. Attach in an email with your completed application) .

Completed application due October 1, 2007.

There are 4 openings but we may choose more as needed.2nd Phase will be announced October 15th (unless a decision is made before that date, we'll keep the details posted if that happens) The virtual crop will be around the end of Oct/beginning of Nov to give the 2nd phase participants time to prepare.

The DT will serve a 6-month commitment. During this term, if anything comes up I please let me know. Scrapbooking quality and talent is important but the main attribute for the DT I am looking for is commitment and the ability to post regularly on the board. At a minimum you will be required to post daily. You may be required to post a daily topic (Question of the Day, Scrapbook Question of the Day, Monthly Challenges, etc) If you are not going to be able to post for a few days, a post in the DT part of the board will be appreciated.

You do not have to live in the US to participate; DT search is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Phase 1 members will be announced before the Scrapcity Block Party Virtual Crop (VC). Those that have moved onto Phase 2 will be required to create and participate in the challenges/classes/ games during the VC. DT members will be announced shortly after the VC.

Thank you and Good Luck!
www.thescrapcity. com