Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mommy brain drain

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I had a total brain fart and forgot what day it was! I need a coffee IV, too.
Yesterday we played at the park for 2 hours! Today we spent half the day at the zoo. I am going to have to share pics with you soon. My legs are sore from all the walking at the zoo!
My mom did get that dream job. I get to have her around more-yay! I started thinking...maybe I can leave Harrison with her and actually go to the store! I temporarily found myself fantasizing about drinking coffee in some exotic cafe. A tantrum-free zone! Then my bubble burst when I realized I would be alone doing it because my IRL friends have kids with them, too!
Maybe I should start a countdown about how long it will take until I get in trouble hanging out with my mom--THE shopping enabler--with dh as far as finances are concerned!
We watched Kid Nation tonight. It was better than I thought it would be until that little boy started crying and wanted to go home. That was upsetting!
I watched Oprah today. Justin (ah, Justin) Timberlake was on there. He is so secretive. Spill the Britney dirt, already!
Remember our sweet kitten Kitson? I think he has become possessed!?!?! He is constantly biting,clawing, trying to eat human food (what?). And he kicks his food out of his cage when we lock him in it for bad behavior. I think I need a cat whisperer...or cat exorcist!
Want to see something scary?
(Heidi from The Hills, mtv show, singing--Jazz hands and bad lip-synching included)