Saturday, September 15, 2007

hey there--it's me!

Hope everyone is having a swell weekend. I took this pic of a black bear sleeping at our local zoo. He was right up against the glass!I wish it did not have the reflection at t the bottom but I love how content and happy he seems. Wonder what he' s dreaming about? I hear saws and drills right now while the men are working in our kitchen. The kitchen is sealed very tightly with several layers of plastic sheeting and some wall posts (not sure what those are called). H and I have been spending lots of time at my mom's house. :) Family time is great but we are on day #3 and I had to come home and hug my computer! LOL. Harrison and I are going to go out back and swim in a few minutes. Ben is watching the OU game (I think that is who is playing today).
Okay, to see my kitchen cabinets go here and then click on the left side where you see Venicia. When that pops up go to Venicia Image Gallery and pics #8, 9 and 10 are the cabinets I want. I hope it does not make my kitchen look like a doctor's office. Of course it will probably be 2-4 weeks before I get them but all the wait, mess and having to do a lot of cooking in a crockpot in the office will be worth it. I cannot wait to sit down and eat a family meal at the dining table again. We took Harrison to Jimmy's Egg restaurant yesterday to try to do that and after he stacked jelly and creamer packets he was ready to leave. We had to get our meal to go. I don't believe in disturbing other patrons. He got an immunization shot yesterday,too. I was shocked that he willingly followed the nurse and did not cry until AFTER the shot. Now he does not need anymore until he turns 4. Yay! Shots are the worst thing about having to be a feel like such the bad guy.
I have not done much scrapbook shopping lately and have not scrapped in 5 days or so.
Here are some directions for making your own rub-ons!
I found these directions on the internet by Nicole Humphrey. Source:DIY
Make Your Own Scrapbook Rub-Ons
Just follow these easy directions, and you will be able to create your own rub-ons and you can make them as many times as you wish!
What You Need:
Transparency paper - I found it at the office supply store for pretty cheap
Inkjet Printer
Popsicle Stick
Begin by inserting the transparency into your inkjet printer. You want the printer to print on the smooth side of the transparency. Open your word processing or photo editing program and create the text/image you want to have as a rub on. Next, format your printer settings so that it is set to print on "plain paper", "best quality" and "mirror image". The "mirror image" part is extremely important; the image needs to be reversed or it will print backwards. Hit print and print the image onto the transparency. When done, allow to dry for about 3-5 minutes, careful not to touch it. Place the transparency smooth side down onto your project exactly where you want the image/text to appear. Hold it firmly in place. Begin rubbing with a Popsicle stick just like you would any other rub on. Make sure you rub the entire image. Carefully remove the transparency and let ink completely dry before touching anything. Using a damp cloth or paper towel, clean off your transparency and get it ready for your next rub-on. You can reuse the transparency as much as you want! ** Some people have tried it using regular old transparency sheets and not ones that say for ink-jet printers -- so it may be trial and error.