Friday, August 10, 2007

you have got to be kidding me!!!!!

I am typing this from my brother's computer. Looks like we will be living with my parents (!!!) all weekend, maybe for a week. Longtime readers know that I have been sick on and off for over a week or two with a nasty ear and sinus infection. Well, today while visiting my parents for a few hours I noticed all my symptoms disappeared. Ben did some investigating. Recently, we tore up tile in our kitchen and there was a laminate underneath. We were taking our time replacing it. Well, long story short it had TOXIC BLACK MOLD under it. There had been a small leak the entire time we lived there, but pulling up the tile exposed it. This leak even extends under our bathroom and whole kitchen. We had to leave our house with nothing and a lab is going to come out and take samples. We had to call insurance co. and is a HUGE mess. Ben is over there now taking pics. I am typing this on my bro's computer and don't know how often I will update this week. GRRRR. All 3 of us also have to see a doc because we now know the cause of my infection and poor Harrison is breathing like he is congested. When it rains, it pours!!! But you know--Thank GOD--we found the cause before really serious stuff happened. Worst of all I have to let down my Saturday crop group I was meeting with in Edmond and I had just started an OKC scrapbook site so I will be MIA on all that stuff for a little bit. Thanks for your patience everyone!!!!I knew something was really wrong because I have been so tired, grumpy, under the weather lately and not my normal HYPER self. :(