Saturday, August 18, 2007

using drywall tape for scrapbooking!

First thing I will say is to color it on a scrap piece of paper - not on your layout!! You can color it with markers, colored pencils {using the side of your pencil nib works best}, stamp pads {using a brushing motion rather than pressing up and down}, chalking.
You can also get a neat image by stamping images over it then removing it for a tiny "grid" effect. This can also be done with letter stamps.
Try heat embossing it. Stamp the top side with a slow drying stamp pad {Versamark or something along that line} and then apply embossing powder. Using the heat gun is almost a two-person job because the tape is flimsy and sort of blows in the wind. MAKE SURE YOU USE TWEEZERS TO HOLD IT - NOT YOUR FINGERS!! You have to be careful not to hold the heat gun in one place for too long because the tape will start to melt. It actually works quite nicely - oh the possibilities now!!!
Best part is that it is repositionable - it peels off easily without leaving any residue and will restick nicely to your page.

Source:kindred creations