Saturday, August 11, 2007

Update on my drama LOL

Well, you know yesterday was crazy. Here is an update on what is going on with our house sitch~Since we tore tile and unknowingly discovered black mold the other day (read my previous post) the kitchen area has been cleaned (the area that was exposed),emptied,etc. They also found 2 small water leaks that would have been undetectable to us unless we had knocked a hole in the wall between the kitchen/bathroom. They believe there is (yuck) mold in that wall and the wall for sure is warped inside. Ben took pics last night for our insurance co. This is what needs to be done--the wall will need to be replaced (one for sure so far--maybe 2), the kitchen tile, baseboards, sink, cabinets and countertop will also need to be replaced. Nothing else is going to be done until Monday. The insurance co. said we could stay in a hotel and save our receipts for reimbursement. I am a huge germophobe so I don't really want to do that now. My family lives only two blocks away and their house is huge so we are just going to stay with them as needed. We can get our stuff from the three bedrooms since they are on the opposite side of the house. None of that was ever exposed to anything. Everything in the kitchen has been sanitized and disinfected. All the food has been trashed! Everything else was wrapped and moved to my scraproom after it was all cleaned. I just want to make sure all the mess is cleaned properly and I don't want to expose us to anything. When the dust settles, it may be a blessing (well, parts of the kitchen will be new) or a curse this happened. I know I am probably taking this all too seriously but I am the mom who tries to use organic food, carries sunscreen and Purell in her purse, bought her son his own booster seat for eating out and a cart cover for shopping in. And I am a drama queen. On a plus note, I have enjoyed spending time with my family and eating junk food/watching movies with them. They keep me laughing!!