Monday, August 20, 2007

Oklahoma=not good for my health

Okay I wanted to upload pics from Saturday night but am too exhausted to do so at the moment. Here is my Saturday night story:

All day Saturday it had rained here in OK because of the remnants of Hurricane Erin. It was a pretty rain--no lightning, no thunder. Lots of people were out shopping. It was a good snuggle up with a book and blanket day. We come home after a long day of shopping, eat dinner, put our little tot to bed. My hubby Ben and I were just about to watch a movie (had just pushed play) when the electricity went out. Actually it went out as we pushed play while Ben told me a scary story about when he was little and a possible serial killer followed him home! We grab flashlights at amazingly fast speeds. Then we proceed to light candles. I think, well if we cannot watch tv maybe we can just talk. I think to myself "At least, H is asleep through this" as Ben dials the electric company. Cue H. Screaming at the top of his lungs. (Do toddlers sense this stuff or what?!?) We start to settle him down as the tornado sirens start to blare. What?! Our trusty weather radio (and if you live in Oklahoma you do need one) had no working batteries. So we call my mom--they had lost electricity earlier but it came on as the sirens did. The weathermen said there was circulation in an area a little close to us, but not our town--yet. So we go to Walgreens and realize the nice rain from earlier in the day had turned into a horrendous windy, lightning, thunderous storm. We purchase a b/w of those that can plug in the car (and dh also purchased way too many battery packages)and we turn on a local channel. We watch as they say the strong winds (but not a tornado) are basically headed for the parking lot we are parked in. Joy. Some branches fall down. We end up back home and I put batteries in the tv. It calms H down just to have something new to watch--black and white tv is fascinating to a youngster I guess. Tornado sirens went off 2 or 3 other times. Our dog Kermit is outside howling so he ends up coming in the house. We see the electric company drive by. Twice. They were en route to other areas. Only 4 of us have no electricity--everyone else on our street does. The house became stifling! We open a kitchen window, rain be darned (well, the kitchen is messed up from an earlier leak anyway). Ben mumbles someone must have gave us the evil eye, in a half joke/half serious tone. We pass out from exhaustion, all 3 of us (make that 4 with Kermit) huddled on the bed. We wake up to see the electric company trimming our neighbor's tree branches. They leave. Still no electricity. Oh, yes, forgot to mention we had gone to the grocery store before all this happened. I cringe at the thought of throwing out strawberry ice cream. Then they return a few hours later and replace some rod thing on the transformer--yay! Electricity!! I turn on CNN/MSNBC just in time to see our local rescuers dropping people from the helicopter rescues back into the dirty water. And to hear one local reporter say "ridden" repeatedly instead of "rode." I HATE when other people get on national tv and make us look like a bunch of crazy rednecks! My prayers go out to the flood victims. I was so sad when the chairman of the Kiowa tribe was on tv talking about his wife and daughter that got swept away by the flood waters. And I am a little worried about Hurrican Dean bringing us more rain this week. We were fortunate that we live in a high area in the city and we only got leaves, limbs and dirt dragged all over the streets.Ugh.