Saturday, August 18, 2007

my so-called weekend

Okay I know I am a grown woman so I should not be squealing like a little piggy but I am soooo happy I finally bought myself new clothes this weekend. I have not bought more than one thing at a time in over a year (I think my red summer dress was my last clothing buy for the 4th of July). Just as a mom I have trouble spending fun money on me and not on family activities, my son, my hubby, my dogs or my scrapbook obsession. So I forced myself to get some clothes. I hate trying on clothes in the dressing room because it feels like going to the dr. or dentist. Just weird and sterile and I am always freaked out that someone is watching me on camera and closing up on my momma rolls or something. Anyway, I bought two adorable dressy tops, two tshirts, a pair of Chrissy Snow-type terrycloth shorts for lounging around the house, a pair of white capris, and some black shorts. I go shopping some more for tomorrow for new undergarments and makeup. Hey, but I did manage to sneak some scrapbook stuff in the cart: neon pipe cleaners, flocked hot pink polka-dotty abc letters, and some icicle stuff from KI memories (hot pink also). I plan on going back tomorrow to also get an acrylic block! Some things never change...

H walked away with a Henry and Spencer motorized train ($20 total). We just cannot say NO to the little guy. And Target has all summer/pool stuff on clearance so he got a beach ball for 68 cents. Ben got a striped polo shirt for work. We are looking at getting him new athletic shoes for mowing the lawn but did not find any appealing ones today.