Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm back! I must be Wonder Woman or something...just kidding. My ears still hurt a little but I am pretty much recovering from being sick. We had so much going on that I want to share! Okay, first let's start with some pictures I meant to post a month ago (yes...a month ago)

Harrison is a toy tester and this was the latest package...

we got a card kit to make cards!he loves art so this is cool.

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the baby einstein gear

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and you can't forget the sunscreen!

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The reason why I share these pics is because he is madly in love with the new Baby Einstein straw cups. They really are no-spill! And it encourages independence because he has control over opening the straw or closing it under the lid. He also likes the turtle you can see in the middle of the cup--3D turtle! Every toy test package he has got has Baby Einstein dishes, plastic ware, cups, etc. They are very sturdy. So go buy you some.

Today we got news that he will be tested in October for his IQ level. We are psyched. He is still reading simple words, but now he is rhyming, doing patterns,and counting to 20. He is so cool. We don't really care how he does on the test but we just want to make sure his needs are being met. You know we are a little wary about what to do with him when it comes to school...I think mainly I have issues letting the apron strings being cut. LOL

THEN we got a phone call from the local library saying he was the grand prize winner of the summer reading program! Yay! He got a visa gift card. We so hit Target. Here is what he bought (we let him pick it all out...even though we tried hard to sway him)...

Free Image Hosting at {clickable thumb} He got a Thomas steam train, stamp pad, foam learning clock, magnetic Culdee train and Red from Fraggle Rock! (with dvd).
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