Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cheaper Vellum tip!

Want to use a lot of plain vellum but can't afford it? When I was preparing an elegant invitation last summer I wanted to computer-print on a vellum overleaf but for the number of invitations I needed to make the cost of vellum would have been prohibitive. That's when it occurred to me to use tracing paper! This paper is available padded and very inexpensive in the school supply area of many department stores, in the stationery area, or artist supplies. It is translucent, and accepts laser printing very well. It can be stamped on, punched, colored with pencils or markers - well, you name it.Best of all, when I made a mistake I didn't feel bad about discarding the ruined portion.The scrapbooking applications are endless!
Source:Pepper @kc