Saturday, July 28, 2007

so i finally saw

I hate my 30s on vh1 and it was okay. Just okay. Not really LOL funny or anything. I think there is a certain scrapbook celebrity (think doodles) who should sue them because they have a character just like her on the show!!! :) BTW, when I write "scrapbook celebrity" it is written loosely because I really don't like that term applied to the big people who have made a name for themselves in the scrapbooking world. I wish there was a name that did not put them on such a high pedestal but oh, well!
And the sci fi superhero show was cool. I want Hygena to win! She is a mom and her character is a lot like my angry housewife alter ego.
Today Harrison had a playdate with A.T. They threw water balloons at each other, went swimming and then ate Happy Meals. Hey, its Friday (well, Saturday by the time I write this). Harrison has decided he wants to play soccer (really...he keeps telling us!) so we are signing him up in the Spring. My boy is growing too fast...he keeps kicking the soccer ball and yelling GOAL! when it hits something. Ben started working out again with his weights. He's a big guy (in a muscular way not the other way) but I am really happy to see him doing two hobbies he loves again--drawing with pencils and working out. I have only participated in doing one challenge for CAL...been too busy! I started reading a really good book--Visual Chronicles and that has encouraged me to make an art journal so I got distracted with all that.