Saturday, July 21, 2007

Picture Day!!!

Thursday night I was up into the wee hours posting my challenges on I would love to share pics of those projects but I can't put them up here until this Wed. so we have no sneak peekies! We planned to hit the road early for our family day trip, but everytime I tried to wake the grumpies they kept mumbling about more sleep. Finally, we hit the road around 11am. We had so much fun! (Pics below) We got back in the early evening. My friend Melisa had invited us to family fun night at Jump Zone to eat pizza and stuff, but we had to miss out because of our little trip. We are going there Tuesday with Emily for a playdate anyway. I spent all day today cleaning. I did get a little break and went shopping with my mommy at Hobby Lobby. She cracked me up because she bought sooooo much paper! Mainly daisy d's. That's my favorite paper brand so she has style I must say!
I have so many pics to share so let's get started!

Cool Slideshows!

I took this pic in March '07 when we we stopped by the convenience store for icees. I thought it was wacky! A poster for cocaine...the drink. Can you believe that title for a drink? What does that teach our kids?
{click to enlarge pic}
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