Thursday, July 19, 2007

OMG just OMG

I am soooo sleepy. I stayed up all night getting some scrapbooking done for the CAL crop hop and doing some personal scrapbooking. I got six LOs done! Ben went to 7-11 and bought us both Dr.Pepper's at like midnight so I hauled most of my scrap stash into the living room (so much for making use of my nice scrapbook office) and plopped myself on the couch while we watched out taped version of Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters.
Ben and I saw Transformers earlier in the day. I LOVED IT! Ben gave me a hard time because I knew the names of the all the robots, even the Decepticons. We did take Harrison to Chuck E Cheese so we could have family time since he could not see Transformers. He got 210 tickets! He picked out a Spiderman magnet (he loves Spidey from the commercials), a foam plane and a tootsie roll. He still had 160 to save. And he got a small ice cream cone from Braum's on the way home. And then we did a little swimming in the backyard.Then my two younger brothers came by and they had bought Harrison a wooden train whistle and conductor's cap at the Target $1 spot. On days like this, I have no idea how we get so much done...but then we also have days of extreme summer laziness.Today I was so busy I did not even have time to call my mom! That's a rarity. I better go wake my two boys up...its 9:28am and I told them I would not let them sleep in--but you know sometimes it feels good to have the "me" time!!