Monday, July 2, 2007

July already?

I cannot believe its already July. Bring on the fireworks! I am so looking forward to the 4th. We have so many plans. I just hope this rain goes away. I have to share my horror story. Yesterday afternoon Harrison and I were headed to the car after yet another rainfall here in OK. We were seriously SWARMED with mosquitos and horseflies. AGGRESSIVE ones! I put Harrison in the car. I was hoping they would all follow me as I ran inside the house to grab Skin So Soft spray and Harrison's bug cream (Gentle Naturals...all natural bug repellant lotion). But when I returned to the car there were some still covering his little body (even his face!!!). I am not exaggerating...they were really all over us and the car. So I started spraying the air,and applying lotion like mad,and then I sprayed myself. It took about 10 minutes to kill the ones around us. Well, last night we went for a drive and about a block from our house there are some acreages for sale (we live in the metro, but in OK you can still get acreage in the city believe it or not). Anyway, the acreages have turned into algae swamp-like ponds because the way the land dips. ARGH--you totally know mosquitos are breeding there. We are very anti-chemical spraying our yard, but now we had to go buy bug spray and spray the door ways, and pretty much most of the yard. So frustrating. It did rain some more today. Yes, mosquitos are still maniacs here, and when the rain stops it dries a little, and everyone runs out to mow. And your realize how many potholes have been created in the streets.
So Harrison and I did some coloring and painting in his little art center.
Here are some pics of our "masterpieces" LOL.

Cool Slideshows!
I did the rainbow drawing because we were talking about colors, and I helped put the row of animal stickers on the left side of one page (he did the random stickers)...and then the rest of the art work is all his. :)