Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Color me pink

GO PINK! My favorite color!!!
Today we were very busy. I stayed up late playing with our new Photoshop CS3 (yeah,baby!!) so I was really groggy this morning. We went to Target to get our shop on. Ben bought two shirts. Harrison cleaned up! He got two shirts (one black with a big MOM heart tattoo on it), three shorts, two pj sets (Spongebob of course), and sandals. He also got a Thomas set and two metal trains. I can say no to him about everything but Thomas stuff. He loves it so. I told Ben I wish I was excited about life's little nuances the way he gets excited about little things. I did not find any clothes. I felt like an older lady (29) trying to dress hip or something. I don't think any moms at playgroup want to see me in tween clothes. So then we went to Michael's Craft Store and I bought lots o' stuff. I got 10 sheets of paper, transparencies, another white pen (different brand), 7 ribbons, 2 acrylic paints, and three different sets of letters. Some of it I hope to use as RAK's for the CropALatte cyber Crop Hop. I hope to go to Hobby Lobby later this weekend and get some rub-ons and paper. Oh yes,and search for some mom clothes.
I actually already have my weekend plans set up (for once--usually we are too spontaneous to plan anything!):Friday we are going out of town for the day to a little town. Saturday we are going to host a star-gazing party LOL. We are going to order pizza, make smores/krispy treats and sit outside talking/looking at stars/listening to music with our families. If we can find it we will dust off the OLD,old telescope (I think its from the 70s). If it rains we will probably rent a movie. Maybe the kids will watch Baby Galileo? I have to stock up on some citronella candles.
And we might have a playdate with our new friend Emily and her kids (hi Emily if you are reading this!).
Well, I have to go scrap some pics now. I need to make use of my new stuff or at least pretend to so I feel better about spending $ LOL.