Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bad blogger!

I know I've been blog MIA lately. I have been so busy just being a mom. We took Harrison to the kiddie movies. Our local movie theater has a kid summer program where we can see last year's kid flicks for free and get popcorn, coke and a snack for $3. We saw Ice Age 2. I was really impressed he sat through more of the movie than last year, but we still left before the ending. Good thing its free! Ben and I saw 1408...scary. I am not a scary movie fan and that one is embedded in my brain because I cannot wrap my mind around the ending. As a matter of fact, we looked on the internet at the reviews to see if there was any insight into the ending, but critics seemed confuzzled, too!
We went to the library. I love reserving my materials online so I can just go and pick them having a screaming toddler to carry around while perusing LOL. So I got some new scrapbook books, Harrison got lots of Eric Carle stuff, and we got some dvds. He got I Love Toy Trains, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery. I got a documentary about two immigrants from Central America making their way North. I hope to stay up late and watch it tonight. I also have to do some work on my SB challenges for Crop-a-Latte and get some LOs done. I also want to change my blog banner above and do some work on Photoshop. Hmmm...ambitious to-do list, let's see what I can achieve!!! {Bet I crash after 10 cups of coffee!!!}