Saturday, June 2, 2007

Well, its Saturday...

I am probably the only crazy lady who stayed up all night AGAIN. I did not intend to, but just could not sleep. It's all good...I got laundry done and re-listed all my husband's ebay stuff he meant to re-list. I also added some graphics to it. I hope to do more later (heh heh). Really, Ben does not mind.
I got some great books to read from the library.
Here they are:
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Yup, I know most of them are about scrapbooking. That's because I make a bee-line for that section everytime! I love that we have access to 4 libraries around us (and can request stuff online) because I have to say Oklahoma has great scrapbooking selections!
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The Pottery Barn Kids' Room book got a little cut off. I want to read the Mexican Revolution one because I think it has fascinating photographs.
Speaking of fascinating stuff~ Harrison signed up for the summer reading program (goal: 8 books per visit LOL), and you would not believe the AWESOME vintage-looking postcards they gave him! I will scan and post them sometime this weekend, but I was very impressed with them. And, yes, I am going to use them because he only wanted the stickers.

We attended the Red Earth festival (a Native American celebration here in OK)
and here are some pics I took at the parade-

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These were chiefs. They looked amazing...very wise and solemn.
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This was a beautiful princess. She posed for me but there was so much rain that the close-up did not pan out. Then I took another while she was in the parade but the tree was in the way! Finally, I got a pic because she came back and decided to wait near us. I saw her on the news later that night! I love how the sidewalk and grass look in this it narrows in on her.
My husband Ben is registered with the Cherokee tribe. He also has enough blood for Shawnee, but you can only choose to be in one tribe. I think its important for Harrison to be apart of his culture, his Native American side as well as his Hispanic side (Although, bad mommy that I am, we did not make it to the Cinco de Mayo festival this year).
Played ABC's Bingo last night. Nooooooo Bingo!
This weekend I plan to alter a clock (sitting on my desk now!) and make some photo holders. Around the house I plan to clean really well today and play Hi Ho Cherry-O! with Harrison. My mom is coming to visit today so my house better be white glove clean and smell like pine trees!
If anyone wants to email me their blog or web site-do it! I will put it up here as a link. I need to update some links anyhow. Just make sure you put BLOG in caps in your subject line because otherwise I might delete it as SPAM.