Monday, June 25, 2007

Two year old makes Mensa!!
Yay for her! That's so cool. I know its unusual for a Harrison to be reading at age 2 (he will be 2 and a half this Thursday!). And he knows his abcs (in and out of order--not just the song but can identify the letters), their sounds, shapes (even pentagon, hexagon, oval), and colors. But I have no immediate plans for any testing--even just the local school district test. I don't ever want to be one of those "MY CHILD IS SMARTER THAN YOURS" moms. That's just annoying. I love him as he is and no, I don't sit and do flashcards or anything like that with him. He learns at his own pace. I just make sure his little brain stays stimulated by hands-on situations. Its hard just being a parent nowadays period. And CNN has you constantly wondering if your child will be abducted, eat ecoli, etc.
Today I am rearranging my scrapbook room so my desk is by the window. I am always changing stuff in there.
I had a pleasant surprise when I checked my inbox and my pal Melisa sent me some Hobby Lobby coupons. Cool! So much to buy and do...
And our friend Darcey and I are planning on getting Zane and Harrison together for a Thursday playdate at the park (stay away RAIN!!).
We have been having rain for like the past 3 weeks everyday! At least it is so sunny it dries fast but then we have mud everywhere. Yesterday we were swimming and it started raining on us in the pool.
3 more days until our 4th wedding anniversary!!! YAY!!!