Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today my son totally lived up to this blog name...

Yesterday we went to story time at the zoo and then went swimming. Today I had huge ambitions to take Harrison to the planetarium at the Omniplex Museum. We were having a blast until it was time to wait in line for the planetarium. He started to get antsy so I left Ben to hold our place and started walking Harrison around. He kept running up the stair case and got mad if I followed...hissy fit ensued and then we just ended up coming home. He was fine once we were in the car but I was not too happy. Then I saw the DG store was closing so I made Ben stop the car, $40 later...I was in a better mood!! LOL Seriously, drive by the Dollar Generals near you and see if they are closing because everything is way cheap.
We went swimming (even with rain clouds above) and now Harrison is napping.
We are having our garage sale tomorrow !!! We had to cancel it earlier because all we keep getting is RAIN here. Keep you fingers crossed for me that the rain clouds stay away because mama needs some SB money LOL.
I have officially registered to attend the big Oklahoma crop at the state fair in September...yay! I get to meet other local weirdos obsessed like me with paper!!!
8 days until our 4th wedding anniversary!!!!! I cannot believe how fast time goes by...