Monday, June 4, 2007

Sleepy boy

Harrison is such a sleepy boy. I need to go wake him up. He stayed up too late reading Eric Carle books all night. He has us read them over and over. Currently, he loves The Very Busy Spider, and Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me! He opens the moon book and it has this giant poster foldout of the moon and stars. Then he tries to jump in the book a la Blues Clues! Every night he wants to run outside and go "look Star Moon!" During the day, he has to spot the sun (with us always cautiously reminding him "Don't stare at it!"). Space is his big interest currently. We even watched a little program on it yesterday. We have summer plans to go to the planetarium. The sweetness of youth is that you can be anything...astronaut, president, singer. I remember watching the very badly filmed and acted movie Space Camp in my younger years and wanting to be an astronaut. Too many people said, "Impossible!". So I decided teacher was more suitable. My wish today is that if Harrison truly wants to be an astronaut--he becomes one and does not let naysayers ruin his dream. For me, it worked out for the best, because could you imagine me up there among the stars? :)