Thursday, June 28, 2007


This has been such a whirlwind of a summer that I have barely had time to stop and think! It is has been raining daily here where I live so I have had so much time to reflect and even to do a little reading. It has been nice! My challenge to you is to take time to do something for yourself today or find a nice way to de-stress. Make yourself that cup of tea, paint your nails or browse through an old friend of a book.
Now I will rant about all the rain! We kept making a park playdate with our friend Darcey and her son Zane but it will be rained out again. There are two indoor play areas locally or there's always McDonalds ( smells like feet! sorry but it does) so we don't have many choices.
These past two days I moved everything (I mean EVERYTHING) in my scrapbook room so it will be more efficient. Now if I could only find the time to use it! In between the rain we went to the zoo today.
I found out that a local antique mall that I adore had a rummage sale with half priced items on Sunday. I never saw the sign!! So I missed it but then today while driving by I saw that they are having a tag sale (whatever that is...) on the 4th of July. I need to tell my mom and maybe we can sneak away to go look. Last time we were there I bought a vintage purse and she bought a beautiful rustic wine rack. She always has such a good eye. I miss not getting to spend as much time together since I have become a mommy and she works full-time now. Appreciate your mommies!!!
I did more scrapbook hoarding...I bought some items from Cloud 9, Fiskars, Heidi Grace, Basic Grey, L'il Davis. If I remember I will post pics. I really need to buckle down and start using stuff. I also went crazy and bought new curtains for pretty much the whole house. Curtains are something you never really notice need changing until years later and one day you look at them and think, "THOSE DRIVE ME BATTY!"
Well, enjoy your day and remember to do something (even little) for yourself!