Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mama said WHAT?!?

Today we worked really hard on doing our spring cleaning (yes, I know its summer!). We are just a little late about it. We are having a garage sale this next weekend. I am going to let go of most of Harrison's baby stuff and Ben has a ton of dvds and cds (new) that he did not sell in his ebay biz. He is still selling on ebay but mainly focusing on his comic book stock. So we deep cleaned the living room, laundry room and bathroom. Tomorrow we take on the three bedrooms and eventually the garage. We went to Southlakes Park today. They had the hugest frogs I had ever seen. We walked the wooden bridge, and Harrison swinged. I had thought about taking my camera, but then hesitated. I missed a really good shot of bales of hay next to $700,000 in the city, get it? On our way home, we stopped by Braum's and got ice cream. We drove near SNU and spotted our old cat Forbes. He had been missing for about a year (no, we never let our cats be outside cats). We tried to catch him, but he would run and then stop in front of us and stare. It was definitely him. I want to go back. Maybe we can gain his trust again or maybe I should just let him stay wild.