Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I found this while browsing (okay, lurking) online

"But I will admit, sometimes, it's overwhelming. Not because of the work, but because I refuse to put the work over family. I see people on 10 store teams and, from experience, can tell you either their dh or kids or both are being somewhat neglected. I refuse to put my kids in front of the tv for scrap time and I refuse to stay up until 2 am scrapping. When dh goes to bed, so do I. So, yeah, more than what I'm doing now would be too much and I have no problem recognizing that." (Anonymous was the poster's name).

I absolutely applaud this person, whoever she is! I have been trying to find a balance between my scrapbooking obsession, other interests, writing my book, doing stuff online, and raising my son/being a wife/ being a daughter/friend. My rule (the one that works for me because I get obsessed easily) is I do not get online unless my son is napping, not in the house (well, out and about with daddy or family), or asleep at night. I do the scrapbooking at night after everyone is asleep. I do not do this every night. I am soooo not perfect LOL...staying up late gives me huge under-eye circles and the first word I utter when dh is awake is "COFFEE!"I admit it is easier for me to get stuff done because I do have insomnia and Ben--my husband-- is home for the summer. You have to find what works for you. Anyway, I agree with anonymous about not putting work before family. Its hard though!!