Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I am really grateful for mommy friends. I have three that I consider my good friends- Melisa, Audrey and Darcey. They are wonderful moms! Its also good that two of them scrapbook so I don't always sound like a crazy person when I talk about it. And Harrison enjoys the playdates we sometimes get to have (we have been so busy lately!!!).

Today we went to see the Lucky Penny Players. We left early because my younger brother was there and he did not want to stay. He hates crowds. I guess he gets that from me. So we took Harrison to a local park. I had my Canon EOS 35 mm (remember our digi batteries are dead...Ben is buying some as we speak) with me so I got wonderful photos of Harrison just having fun. Then we went to visit my in-laws. I have to tell you I was in SHOCK at how they remodeled the back yard. It looks like Extreme Makeover was there or something. And Ben's dad was working extra hard on some rocks when I had a scrapbook inspiration while watching him...he gave me a really good idea but I am going to keep it secret (just until I can figure out the feasibility of it). Then I will share-I promise! Their backyard is a beautiful oasis. They have plants,flowers and vines everywhere. They did amazing work with rock, brick and fencing. There are statues, stones, bird baths. AWESOME!!!!

After leaving there, we headed over to Will Rogers Park...probably one of the best places to take pics around here because of its beauty and on the bonus side, there are lots of wild animals for Harrison to see. We saw baby goslings, turtles, birds, koi fish, and the cutest frog you ever did see. I had just taken my last picture when LO and BEHOLD we see Mr.Froggy being a goofball for my camera and swimming in the fountain. OUT OF FILM. MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!! Now I am always going to bring along an extra roll...I had two sitting on my desk! Ben promised we will return so maybe my buddy the frog will re-appear!!!

Ben is back with the batteries now! Harrison is in sweet slumber. And I have a scrapbook room that needs organizing!!!!

Tomorrow my mom turns the big 5-0!!!! We got her a CHICKEN (glass) and some apothecary bath stuff. I will have to share a picture of the chicken is very unique but I love it and I know she will, too!!!