Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The dog is covered with buttons...

Today was so busy. This morning Ben took Harrison to music class. They had fun! Then we went swimming. Harrison is such a daredevil! He kept climbing onto the lounge float and jumping off into the water--with arm floaties on, of course! I'm not insane (really). Our little poodle Keely loves to swim so he jumped in with us and when he got tired he got on the lounger with Harrison. We watched the animated kid's movie Shark Bait after all that. It was surprisingly good. They really seem to crank out kid's movies nowadays that sometimes us parents have to suffer through LOL, but this was a good one. When it got dark we went outside and looked at the stars.

Once Harrison fell asleep I FINALLY finished that altered clock. I really love how it turned out. I have to go get new batteries tomorrow for the digital camera so I can't put pics up yet-but trust me I will. I also did a LO of Harrison in the pool. I was having a hard time with that page because I kept scrapper's block. Ben did not mind telling me truthfully what he thought of it. It was funny because he started talking about the way I was laying some of the paper strips and how it reminded him of ancient Japanese art (sorry, I CANNOT remember the term he used) , and then he blurted out, "Ummm...did you know the dog is covered with buttons and rhinestones?" Poor Kipper was fast asleep with embellshments all over his fur. That's my dog!

Tomorrow we are going to see the Lucky Penny Players. They do improv for kids. We caught one of their performances last year and they are so funny!