Monday, June 4, 2007

Did you order cheese?

I am such a cheese! I called my mom right away to let her know I made the DT at Crop-A-Latte. She was very happy. She loves my stuff...even the stuff from 5 years ago that screams OLD SCHOOL (Paperkins, anyone?). And then Ben took a screen cap of my name on the list LOL. Like I know I was not the only one picked, but I am sure I am the cheesiest at this point.

It really does mean a lot because for the past two years I have been a stay-at-home mom, and I gave up a very successful teaching career (was working on my Master's at the time, got a coveted position at school) have my angel boy. Since then these past two years have not only gone by too fast....I just kinda blend into society, like wallpaper. I go to get my haircut and the girl asks,"So what do you do?" And I say sahm. And that pretty much kills the convo because a 19 year old, single girl with no kids thinks your life is pretty much boring. Some people have an illusion that sahm stay home,and eat all day while watching Oprah or The View or something. (HA! Only seen Oprah once). So I was really proud to make DT because it is the first real accomplishment I have made in the scrapbooking world and the first one I've made in my personal life in 2 years (after Harrison...because yes, I see having a child as an accomplishment). Thus, the cheesiness.