Monday, June 4, 2007

A book to make it better...

I'm watching Little People, Big World right now. This is a great family. If you don't watch it, it comes out on TLC. It is about a family of little people, and their struggles and triumphs they experience. I think its the show's 2nd season. I've seen every ep. Right now its tough because their son just had surgery to fix the bowing in one of his legs. Its so touching how his grandpa is crying because his grandson is in pain.
Argh. It kind of reminds me of my own surgery. I had surgery this past Christmas to remove a tumor from my leg. I still have the Frankenstein scar to remind me of it...and the pain!
Well, today we took Harrison to the library (yep, again). He met two of his goals for the summer reading program so he was super excited about getting a ribbon. He wore it on his overalls very proudly as we made our way to the zoo. Went to the zoo, and that is where our day kind of went sour. I don't want to make this too lengthy so I will give you a summarized version. Basically, someone was doing professional filming of some man talking about the zoo. We saw the camera and tried to stay far away from them because we are aware we have a toddler and toddlers make noise when excited! So anyway, sure enough they follow us into one of the exhibits, Harrison makes noise, we go to take him away from the camera crew when one of the ladies with them approaches and says "Shhhh. Can't you get him to be quiet?" Oh, no she di'int!!!
Ben just looked at her with his teacher look and said, "What?" Harrison started crying very badly! We left that area, and I took Harrison into an empty exhibit building to try and calm him. SURE ENOUGH! They follow. So we go outside and just wait until they get really far ahead of us with their filming and such...this dragged out forever because the man went into detail about everything, Ben was mad and Harrison was sad. When they wrapped up, the man left. We were looking at the red wolves. The film crew starts freaking filming us!!!! We leave, and Ben goes to the office and talks to 3 people before getting to the head of marketing. She apologizes, goes to the gift store, picks out a book for Harrison and then walks to find me and Harrison and apologizes to him. The man they were filming was the zoo director!!!! And I have no idea what exactly the film is for but I know we are on it several times without our permission and not very happy about it all. I know we got an apology, and that was very nice of her, but I wish we could have got one from the lady who was rude instead. It hurts when you see your child sad because of something someone said and yes, I know it will continue to happen in life and I cannot always be there to protect him...but when I saw his little red-cheeked tear-stained face reading that silly book the lady gave him...I wondered...does it make the hurt go away?
(On the upside-we came home and had a great time swimming. I was really happy to see him laughing and smiling).