Thursday, May 10, 2007

yeah I've been lousy

about posting. It was a busy week. I am still arguing with my mom. My dad had surgery and it was successful so he is just home healing. We've done our usual trips to the zoo and park. OMG today we went to the park and there were two sets of boy/girl, highschoolers (2 cars each), and one set was making out on the bench and another laying down on top of each other on the big toy slide. They stared at us like waiting for us to leave. When I got in the car, I wanted to call the police but Ben said no. I mean the couple on the slide had shoes/clothes on the ground!! Let me tell you about why I fear for our future.
#1 I would have never made out at a kid's park when I was a teenager
#2 If I had been gross enough to do that, I would have been embarassed when a family appeared and would have left right away!
I mean, go make out in your car at the lake or something but don't try to get it on on the big toy!!! I needed brain bleach after that. And of course we saw several policemen eating at the Subway down the street. Why don't they ever bother to patrol our local parks???