Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We went to the zoo so I survived that. Ben is officially home for the summer! Whee! You know having your husband home for almost three months has its pros and cons.
Let me make a list~
I can sleep in and he can take care of Harrison.
I had someone to talk to today that was an adult.
He helps with chores.
And chauffeurs me around town.
We actually had a very meaningful discussion about changing churches today and our thoughts on our walk with God.
He cooks so he is always cooking and makes me eat more regularly which =s weight gain!!
If I stop walking, he bumps into me...I love him but he's a little on the clingy side.
He watches ALL my spending.
Sometimes its like having two boys at home (ex. I was working in the front flower beds, went out back to see what they were doing...Harrison had mud covering his whole body {new shirt!!!} and the Ben said, "I'll clean him up!" and put him in the swimming pool...hello, I had a shower in mind! LOL)
I have a tendency to be lazier when he is around.
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Well, I guess it kinda evens out, huh? You know I love my family.
Today we got to visit my mom at work and she was on a break so Harrison got to play with her on the playground there. His latest obsessions the moon, sky, stars, sun and plane. We are making plans to go to the planetarium (cost a nice penny here!) on payday.
I have been scrapbooking like crazy. I have so much I want to get done. See...I get obsessed when I get pictures developed. I go through and select ones I really like...make a pile on my desk and get obsessed about scrapping that pile. Just call me...
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