Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oprah is an alien?

I don’t usually count peoples toes, because I’m pretty sure I know what the result is gonna be, but Splash Online apparently does. And Oprah is apparently some kind of demon. Polydactylyism (animals with six toes) according to wiki:Historically and in the contemporary world, polydactylyism has been associated with witchcraft, psychic power, the extraterrestrial, and sporting prowess.A-ha! I knew it! She's not an athlete so that rules out sporting prowess and everything else on that list is bad. I think a good test would be to throw her in well with rocks tied to her legs and if she's able to climb out, then ... um, wait, what are we testing her for again? I can't remember, but I still stand by throwing her down a well.