Sunday, May 6, 2007

naughty mommy-trying to escape and all

My husband is clingy so he does not go out (wish he would sometimes) at night, but sometimes I point out to him that 97% of our son's life I have always been there when he is at home with sometimes he does not understand how hard it can be staying at home alone because my husband has never really had to be alone with our son. Does that make sense? Anyone else ever feel like that? Every now and then I do go out to a scrapbooking crop, mom's night with friends or to shop/beauty salon, but its hard to enjoy peace and quiet when the cell phone rings every 5 mins. with "When are you coming home?" echoing in my ear. When I come home I promise you they are both anxiously waiting at the door, the cat is stuck in the toilet, paint and toilet paper litter the house, the smoke alarm is going off,and all my son has had to eat is candy. Just had to vent.