Saturday, May 12, 2007

i'm up on an all night bender

okay only doing something boring like scrapbooking. yah know, so exciting. Movie update!
I saw the funniest movie ever (I am sure everyone on the planet has already seen it)...Talledega Nights...see it! I saw Blades of Glory...okay, not as funny at TN. I saw Hoodwinked...not really a kiddie movie and some lame animation but interesting storyline. I saw Barnyard...okay. I am waiting for Shrek 3! Harrison and I were laughing so hard at his McDonald's Happy Meal toy...a burping Shrek.
There are 10 figures in all. Gotta get them!!!
My dad had surgery on Monday and is doing well. We went to visit him tonight. They were watching Daddy Daycare!
We've had tornado sirens/watches all week. The joy of living in the midwest.
I am trying to get Feb-March scrapbook pages done for Harrison's scrapbook so ta-ta for now!