Monday, May 28, 2007

I have stayed up all night

I suffer from chronic insomnia! I do not take medication for it because it allows me to clean house, scrapbook, watch junk and surf the net (does anyone say that anymore???). I am thinking of taking Unisom or something gentle just because I know its not healthy for me to be like this. I have been like this for about 3 years now!!!

In like one hour, Ben and Harrison will be up so we can go to the zoo. I feel like going to bed!

Well, its Memorial Weekend. We planned on swimming, watching movies and grilling. Its rained ALL weekend. We have not even made it through one movie yet...too much going on. You know I think sometimes its too easy to push pause/stop when you are watching something at home and say to yourself, "I will watch this later..." and then never do it.

I was so disappointed that Michaels had no ad/coupon this week. And Hobby Lobby had nothing I needed on sale. I need some more inks, and I want the new Basic Grey scalloped shapes, ALL the heidi swapp acrylic stamps, and some white Sharpies. Awww...the list never ends. I think I am turning into a scrapbook hoarder! I like to shop and instead of buying clothes/shoes like I did in my younger days- I buy paper now!