Friday, May 4, 2007

Burdens? Is Angelina Jolie crazy??

She needs to stop giving interviews and go on a vacation like on a deserted island or something with her kids and Brad. Or hire Lindsay Lohan's PR person.
Finding love with BRAD PITT completed ANGELINA JOLIE's life, the actress claims.Jolie insists she was happy as a single mother - but has only really appreciated the joys of family life since she has had the actor to share them with.The 31-year-old says, "Before I met Brad, there were many times I'd be up exhausted with my son MADDOX in the middle of the night and there was nobody there who appreciated my efforts.When he said his first word, there was nobody that I could look at and explode in excitement with. It made me very close to Mad, but now there's the joy of waking up and sharing the burden."I think, as a woman, having a partner who appreciates you as a mom and who is going to remember those things about you and your history with the children is very special."