Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What the heck is today?

Being a stay at home mommy makes it easy to forget what day it is.
oh yeah, Monday. Ugh. I hate Mondays!!!
Really it is 4:18am Tuesday morning. I am just an early bird...well, really a never sleeper.
I am soooo excited. I entered the Martha Stewart scrapbooking contest with my Christmas Wishes layout (see slideshow above). They will name 5 winners on tv starting May 7. Say a prayer for me because honey, I really want that $250 gift card to Michael's!!!!
Harrison's teacher was here this morning. I guess I should say tutor but I prefer to say teacher. He behaved for like 5 minutes. Well, he is 2. But the piece de resistance came when he jumped off the couch to imitate a frog and he barreled into me to tickle me. BOYS. Anyway, he did a vegetable puzzle, sorted pegs that had shapes by sizes, sorted shapes (some very hard!) on a wood barn (he correctly name HEXAGON and OVAL!!!), and put clothes on little felt bears. She had some books in the basket and I was a little miffed that she like NEVER reads to him. Of course, Ben and I do plenty of that because as a family we are big bookworms.
I watched Family of 8 on tlc. I am so jealous!!! Remember when I told you about a week ago, how the mom got a FREE tummy tuck??? She has lost even more weight. Let's see. She has 8,I have one. I STILL haven't lost the baby weight after 2 years!! Grrrrrr. So tlc is going to give them a weekly show now so you know they will be bajillionaires. I guess I would rather be poor and happily married than rich and wanting to kill my spouse (Catty for me to say, but watch the show!).