Tuesday, April 10, 2007

pickle heaven

omg...I cannot get enough of these Claussen pickles! We usually go with what is on sale (stay-at-home mom budget here) which means Kosher or Vlasic or some such but Claussen were on sale this week and my hubby surprised me with a jar. Pickles are basically the only fun thing I can eat on this diet. Enough about DIEts....
I've been poring over scrapbook mags, sketches, etc just to see what I can do to take my "art" to a higher level and to make a wishlist. I have such a LONG wishlist! I mainly want some new chalks, inks, more chipboard, more papers, and some of the Once Upon a Time and stamps from Michaels.
March-April is our hardest month budget-wise. There are 8 extra days before the next payday. I mean it isn't like we are adding water to our diet Coke or anything but I always wish there was more FUN money.
Well, Friday Harrison dyed Easter eggs. I am so proud of the good job he did! He mixed the colors himself and dropped an egg in each cup. When he would check the egg and see a white spot he said, "No, not done yet!" I loved that his hands were stained green afterwards. Saturday I felt like I was coming down with a killer cold. I stayed up late Saturday so I could make the Easter basket...it ended up being 3 baskets!!! I overbought LOL. Sunday still had the cold so Ben took Harrison to the zoo. He did not do the egg hunt there because it was craziness, but he did pose with the Easter bunny.I love my men. Then later that afternoon we went to visit the in-laws. I will leave that sentence at that LOL.
Today is Monday and I feel better. I had taped A Haunting marathon (love to be scared!!) and never got done watching it (can only watch during my son's naptime) and now our STUPID vcr (okay I am at fault) had the timer set and is recording over it. I missed the Little People Big World premiere! C'est la vie, mon amie!!!