Monday, April 30, 2007

my house is falling apart...

I bought this house 7 years ago this November. I was single. I was 21, almost 22 when we closed!
Now I am married with four pets, a messy husband and even messier toddler!!!
This house is way too small. Messy (I am a germophobe but okay with the lived-in look...hey at least there aren't piles of clothes on the floor or cobwebs everywhere!). And now its falling apart.
There are many projects my dh has yet to get to or finish. I try to lovingly nag him into it but sometimes he deflects it. Or ignores it.
The list so far of uncompleted projects is-
1. hole in laundry room drywall
2. tile in kitchen not completed under appliances
3. paint baseboards
4. finish staining bathroom cabinets (on the inside)
5. paint inside of bookshelves
6. wall paper bathroom
7. so many others I forgot
Okay but yesterday we discovered our back patio has a roof leak, and our kitchen fan was practically hanging by a thread. I guess they will go on the list? LOL
I wish I was handy. I am so NOT.