Monday, April 16, 2007

Gouging. I call shenanigans!!!!

Where does the U.S. get their oil from? By: Ethan K.Where does the U.S. get their oil from? This is a good question. I amsure that almost every person reading this has gotten an email sayingthat we should all boycott one gas station or another, and that willautomatically topple Saudi Arabia's oil export industry. I can't tellyou how many of these chain emails I have gotten in the past couple ofmonths. Americans are SO concerned about oil imports, yet they still goout and buy their Hummers and large gas guzzling SUV's. Hmmm...makessense to me. Okay, so I finally had it with these emails and decided todo some research on where the U.S. gets its oil from.I am here to set the record straight on where the U.S. gets its oilfrom. I jumped over to the Department of Energy's website to take a lookat what they have to say about this matter, and it turns out that theyhave some great information about the matter. I guess that I should havethought of this before, but I guess I have been too preoccupied figuringout which gas station I should boycott. They thinking that "most" of ouroil comes from the middle east is wrong. Sorry people...keep boycottingCitgo if you must, but I am here to tell you that THESE are the top tencountries that the U.S. imports from:1. Canada2. Mexico3. Saudi Arabia4. Venezuela5. Nigeria6. Angola7. Iraq8. Algeria9. United Kingdom10. BrazilI don't know about you, but I only see three middle eastern countriesin there (if you consider Algeria to be in the middle east). Okay, soSaudi Arabia is number three on the list, but look at where the majorityof our oil is coming from! Dang!!! I have been boycotting Citgo, andCitgo Petroleum Corporation, which is owned by the Venezuelan state oilcompany, is importing almost all of its oil from Venezuela. Oops! Sorry,South America! According to the Dept. of Energy, a company like Motiva,which is partly owned by Saudi Refining Inc., would be expected toimport a large percentage from the Persian Gulf. Hmm! Maybe I shouldboycott them. Will the crown prince of Saudi Arabia miss a payment onhis royal yacht? Most likely, no...not even close. According to DOE, "In2004, United States refineries produced over 90 percent of the gasolineused in the United States. Although the United States is the world’sthird largest crude oil producer, less than 40 percent of the crude oilused by U.S. refineries was produced in the United States. Net petroleumimports (imports minus exports) account for 58 percent of our totalpetroleum consumption. About 50 percent of our petroleum imports arefrom countries in the Western Hemisphere, with 19 percent from thePersian Gulf, and 18 percent from Africa and 13 percent from otherregions". Okay, can we close this case now? We can boycott all we want, but oilcompanies can barely keep up with the demand for oil from China andIndia- countries that are starting to get more automobiles and havebudding economies that demand it. They will always have a buyer! Whydon't we start to show our government that we want our tax dollars goingto new alternative fuel sources. I don't know about you, but renewableenergy is the path to independence from any country's oil exports. Check out the Department of Energy's list of crude oil imports from thePersian Gulf in 2006.