Friday, April 27, 2007

Garage salein'

That's what we say here in Oklahoma when we go to garage sales..."I went garage sale-in today." And so I did. I went looking for crafty junk. This is what I ended up getting:
~Fisher Price tball toy with sounds/lights, ball and bat
~a bag of toddler clothes -all Baby Gap and Old Navy
~2 Old Navy toddler hats
~1 pair of Vans toddler shoes with flames!
~1 pair Baby Gap tennis shoes
~a toy keyboard with stand and bench
~a Matchbox car wash
~2 sesame street videos
~1 Bob the Builder Christmas dvd
~Weebles (4) with musical boat
~vintage (from 60s) Fisher Price Little People castle
~vintage Fisher Price Little People western town
~vintage Fisher Price Little People fire department with silver bell that rings when you crank it
~Playskool dump truck
~vintage Fisher Price Little People hospital
~vintage Fisher Price Little People boat
~Little Tikes dump truck
~Blue's Clues thinking chair (FREE!!!)
~Blue's Clues potty seat
~wood shelf for my Wizard of Oz toy dolls!
Mommy~1 Daddy~0 Harrison~21
I spent $35 total. Under my limit...yay for me! But boo~ I had to come home and clean everything with Lysol wipes and Clorox spray. ya know because I am a germophobe and all!!!!