Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday is here

Ben may take today off...depending on if a sub takes the job or not. He is complaining his neck hurts and he is feeling overwhelmed with all his evil students and running his ebay business.
I think he has too much on his plate.
I am really ready to move someplace sick of this rain and snow. Its April and I want it look like summer outside. Seriously, Oklahoma is a hard place to live.
We took Harrison to the park. I watched the movie Lucas today for the first time ever (hey I was like in Kindergarten when it came out), and thought is was really sappy.
Our cat is driving me insane because I really think he has dementia and I don't know what to do. We have taken him to the vet and the suggestion was to put him down since he is old and CRAZY. Ben refuses. The cat wants to chew everything...newspaper, bills, plastic, human food, shoes,etc. He also vomits all day (I KNOW), and acts crazy. Tries to drink out of the toilet. Yes, he has fresh food/water...we've even put him on diabetic food to see if it would help. Nope. The vet said he does not know what is wrong with him. I really wish Ben would come around because it puts a strain on me since I am home all day to constantly be picking up after the cat while watching an active toddler and 3 (okay 4 if you count our frog) other pets!!!!
I am thinking I have OCD because yesterday it popped into my head that Ben's sister has my pricey silver snowflake tray from Christmas. I took cookies to his family get together on them. Never got the tray back. I have reminded Ben like a million times to call and GET ME MY TRAY back!!! No, I am not trying to be a hubby hater today. I truly love him but sometimes I don't understand him!!!