Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crafty Chica indeedy!

I am currently reading the Crafty Chica's book. LOVE it! Here is her website:
I want to make EVERYTHING in her book LOL. Hmm...but money and time are an issue as always. I so want to buy some of her glitter rings but the ones I want are sold out
Well, I wasted most of my time last night watching the movie Children on Their Birthdays. It was so boring but I could not turn it off because I kept waiting (morbidly)for some character to die or something. Tonight I watched 85% of Lost. I don't know why I continue to watch. I guess I like to torture myself.
I want Juliet off the show!!
I also saw about 20 mins. of AI. I like Sanjaya for some reason. God bless his no-talent self. There was one guy who could not sing...the one that got kicked off. I don't watch it enough to know anyone's names, except for the scandalmakers.
Ben let me go on a mini-shopping spree at Michaels. He loves me so. I spent $4 under my limit. I about had a mini-heart attack as we were leaving. This was this rich grande dame with her tiny terrier on a leash, 2 carts and her total was $506.20! And she was not buying a cricut! Whatevs.
Speaking of Cricut...shhh...I'm not super impressed with mine. I kinda prefer my Sizzix. I know I'm talking alien Star Trek code to all you non-scrappers out there, but basically my husband dropped a lot of money on a scrapbooking toy, when my old one works just as well. I guess I don't get the hype.
Well, file me under BAD MOMMY. I had very good intentions to get Harrison and I out of the house today. We've had crummy weather for like a week now so we have been under house arrest. I saw there was a playgroup at a local church at 2pm. I thought that was a good time...plenty of sleep in and eating time earlier in our day. No, we did not make it. About 1:30pm...I realized....lunch was burning on the stove, my son was in the bath, and I had yet to brush my teeth/take my own shower/look in a mirror!!! We were 3pm. So we head out to the car and Ben is just pulling in the driveway. We end up going to the park, but the wind is so bad my son runs to the car. We take him to McDonalds to play. Our newest tactic there is to ignore the germs, order only Diet Cokes. Well, 1 outta 2 ain't bad. We left because there was like a truckload of elementary school age kiddos running around with no shoes, no socks...bare,sweaty feet!! And rubbing them on our child!!! SuperMommy to the rescue!!! We swooped him up, ran to the car (no hissy fit! nice!), ran home, threw him in another bath. Somedays I really understand why I have trouble making other mommy friends and getting invited places. I need medication.