Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another freaky deaky day

The day started with Harrison and I waking up really, really late (even for us)--noon! So we spent most of the afternoon rushing around because Ben was going to be home at 3pm and we had to jump in the car to go to the egg hunt in Norman.

I got lots of praise for Harrison's cute sailor outfit (see pic). Its from Goodlad.
We make it to Norman. Its at the museum so we see all the exhibits, and visit some of the hands-on craft making booths. Harrison makes a paper bag bunny...on the drive home he tries to eat its tail proclaiming , "COTTON CANDY!" We leave 10 minutes before the egg hunt because we had already been there an hour, it was so supercrowded and our son was living up to this blog's name!
Then we decide to go to a new neighborhood park in OKC. We have some plastic eggs in the car and since our son already had his basket...why not? As we drive down the street, we see a big,black stray dog. Then there are 3 more!! And they are headed to the park!!! I am like "great we are going to get eaten by wild dogs!" Ben has me hide eggs. Harrison picks up a rock first and says "Egg!!!" LOL Then he picks up 3 real eggs and then gets bored says he wants to swing. The whole time the pack of dogs are watching us, and they keep trying to come up and have us pet them. They are a german shepard/lab mix and still puppies!!!--only 8-10 months old maybe. Eventually, we go to leave. End up doing a u-ey. We empty out all the contents of Harrison's snack bag (mainly Cheerios). Then one that looks like a black lab comes up to the door. We let him in the car and know his name is Kermit (Harrison picked) and he is ours LOL. As we were driving away, we stopped and asked someone who lived in the neighborhood if they were his dogs. He said no and that someone had left them there 3 days ago. They were living on the big toy (enter heartbreak!!). After we gave Kermit water, he vomited because he had been so thirsty. It was apparent he had been eating leaves (more heartbreak!!!!). We fed and bathed him and even donated my favorite fuzzy blanket/pillows for him to keep. I wish we could have all the other 3 but we already have Kipper,Keely and Taz, and would have to get a kennel license if we got more (BOO!!!). So I posted on all the local free cycle, free stuff web sites (4 of them) info and location on the dogs hoping someone else will pick some of them up. I am going to call the OKC animal shelter tomorrow. My reason for doing so is because maybe they have a better chance of being adopted or rescued by a rescue mission, they will have food/water/medical care. On their own they may starve, get hit by a car, anything!!!!! I returned at 10pm and filled 2 big bowls with water and emptied some dog food for them. I only saw the two that resembled German Shepards. I hope the other black one is safe??? Maybe he was hiding on the big toy (it was dark) or maybe tonight he is safe in a new home??? I pray so.