Tuesday, April 3, 2007

100 POSTS!!!!

I made it to 100! YAY.
Ben was the first in line for the Cricut. There were 10! people behind him when Michaels opened. Harrison and I stayed in the car and clapped when he came out carrying the box. I have not opened it yet, but I have repeatedly hugged the box. I want to open it when I can fully savor the product. I am a nut-I know.
I took all the Easter candy from our cancelled egg hunt :( boo! and made treat bags for some of our friends. Tomorrow, like the Easter bunny, Harrison and I will deliver. Joy.
Yesterday after all the scrapbooking craziness at Michaels, we made our way to Medieval Fair. The joust was finishing as we got there :( boo again! but we saw some women sword fight (in really slow motion), a man in head to toe silver armor (I kicked myself later for being too shy to take his pic), some mermaids that freaked my son out by making pseudo-dolphin noises at him, a few men dressed like barbarians with butt cheeks hanging out, a bunch of hippies (no offense hippies) letting their children run all over the playground without a care in the world (I meanwhile was attached to my son), a codpiece that...hmm...really stood out, some really huge dogs, and lots of overpriced food and merchandise. I also heard some fake English accents. I wanted to buy Harrison a foam sword...$15! I ended up buying him a wood one for $5. It reminds me of Peter Pan's sword.
Here are some pics~ Click on any of the pics to enlarge!!

Here's one of the many souvenir booths.
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Here's some performers. I feel bad that most people got up and left when he sang a song he wrote himself called "Sailing to Nantucket", but it was not that the song was bad, but we were getting sunburned and my butt hurt from sitting in those metal chairs.
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There was a man there that sold really detailed statues. I snapped one of his gargoyle one. It kinda scared me.
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Okay, this was an older gentleman who was walking in front of us. I know it was weird for me to take his pic but I was really inspired by his tshirt that said NEVER SAY DIE. I also liked that he seemed so young inside, so full of spirit. He had on a ball cap, Vans, and a tshirt over a long sleeve shirt and a satchel. I loved it!!!

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This is the photo I regret because my fingers did not take it fast enough!!! As we were leaving this young man dressed like a Don Juan swashbuckler walked by. He was dressed to the nines--white open peasant blouse, check. Tight black leggings, check. Gold hoop earrings, ummmm yeah!! Black knee high pirate boots, you bet. And to top it off a black debounair hat with a HUGE white feather. I LOVE IT! He ended up looking like he was re-enacting the Bigfoot pic because I was a slow shutterbug!!!!!

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