Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wow...Friday already

Well I guess its Saturday since it is 2:36am!!! I know I slacked this week but Ben was home for Spring Break and we spent the majority of it fixing the house up. My room was FINALLY painted hot pink! So it! We wanted to do Harrison's room in 1950s retro space theme. We had cleared all his toys out today and then he said "NO! I don't want it color blue." We asked him why he liked his vintage Winnie the Pooh garden theme and he said, "It's like outside." Can't argue with that. We decided to compromise and cover all the Pooh stuff with Eric Carle...the grouchy ladybug, hungry caterpillar,etc. I will post a pic when we are done. We are starting tomorrow.
We had rented Stranger than Fiction (loved it), but the disc skipped on the ending so I ended up watching the end online. Here are some places I suggest for your viewing of movies/tv shows~