Friday, March 2, 2007

we had a fight

not me and Ben! but us against our 2 year old. The issue~TV. TV is evil. My son is limited in watching an hour a day at the most...sometimes 2 hours if we are watching a movie as a family together. Well, yesterday he went TV crazy. He kept yelling, "TV,DVD,tapes!!" He tried to do the same today and we had a power struggle. He continually threw stuff and tried to kick things. He had time out about 3 times. Finally, exasperated, my husband took the tv out of our bedroom and locked it in the office. We still have the big screen but that ain't moving! And he really does not watch that. He watches the one in our bedroom--while sitting in his stuffed lion chair. The lion is going in the closet. I guess this is the first time Harrison is being "grounded". We hope to bring the TV out again but not for a week and again no more than 2 hours max!!
Lately, Harrison has become a huge Blues Clues fan. I made him a notebook just like Steve's (don't like Joe's), some paw clues and a foam mailbox. I stuck a "letter" in the mailbox...a coloring page letter that is. Here's a pic~

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So I watched my all-time favorite show~LOST this week. Last week I was soooo disappointed. Boo Juliet! This week was okay. I still can't give it up even though I may be the only fan left.
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This week we saw how Hurley got fat ~"My dad gave me a candy bar...oh yeah and he is Cheech from Cheech and a wig".

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What is up with LOST and really bad actors? They ruined the show with Michelle Rodriquez (rolling her eye acting made my head hurt), Libby (I wanted a shark to eat her), Henry Gale aka Ben (meh.), Juliet (BOO!!), ridiculous Carl (he needs to meet the giant polar bear), and NOW with Cheech Marin. (pictures from