Saturday, March 31, 2007


Okay so Thursday we went to the library when Ben got home. We had fun until Harrison started screaming MOMMA!!! because I wanted to go to the magazine section while he played puzzles with daddy. Heaven forbid, momma goes anywhere! LOL
So we came home. It was raining and all---but Ben and I both agreed it was too cold for a tornado.
Walk in the house--put on Baby Einstein dvd from library. The lights start flahing and sure enough, the sirens start blaring. There was a tornado but it was a little north of us.
Next day, we are out getting Chinese take out (yum! diet cheat meal I've been looking forward to ALL WEEK!!!!). Rain starts pouring down in sheets. Sure enough, our area floods so fast that the water goes to the top of an SUVs doors and the local fire truck had to be rescued from the flood waters. On top of that, all this lightning has started fires.
So basically these past two days have been mini-Armageddon here in OKC!!!!
We canceled our egg hunt. Dang, that is why I've been trying to lose all this weight!!! so I can look good. I hate to think that people say "She had the baby two years ago, why does she still have the baby weight??"
So I hope to reschedule.
Tomorrow we are going to the Medieval Fair at OU. Lots of dorky pics are sure to being the main dork!!! TTYL