Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mud slinging

Harrison has really taken to mud lately. Especially slinging it everywhere!! He keeps putting it in his water table, on his slide, etc. BOYS! At least when I am outside with him I have been able to work on my tan. Its coming along.
Well, I finally heard from someone about the egg hunt and it was from our say they already had plans (3 weeks in advance???). I don't care if its just me and Harrison egg huntin'. I will make it fun!!!
So we've been on the Atkins diet for 4 whole days now!! Well, we kinda combined that and South Beach. I feel really good because I have been making sure to drink lots of water and this is probably the most veggies I have had in awhile. I have lost a little so far (don't own a scale...just know clothes are looser). I hope we can keep it up!!!
Today I took Harrison to McD's to play while I sipped Diet Coke. We met a nice elderly couple from New Mexico. It was nice talking to them. Then we went to Walgreens where my son screamed and cried throughout the entire store...I think he was mad that we had left McD's. Then we came home and played outside for about 2 hours. He threw mud. Then Ben arrived and we went to the zoo AGAIN...loves it!!! We came home--Ben cleaned the carpets and Harrison and I went to my parent's house and watched Shrek 2 on their movie projector. FUN!!! I know it always seems like we do a lot but I get bored really easily!