Monday, March 5, 2007


We spent the majority of the day working our buttoms off cleaning the garage. Meh is right! We found out some squirrels set up a nest in there and basically partied all the time (Eddie Murphy song running through my head now). I was really eeked out by the poop they left for us. Ben grabbed the Lysol and went to town in there. We threw anything touching it away (its all junk anyway). Harrison kept getting his non-pooped on pool gear out and saying "I want to SWIM!". Its too windy for that though. There is still so much to finish going through. And we have Goodwill piles, consignment piles, ebay piles, etc. Ben is taking tomorrow off so he can finish. He knows if he goes to work I will go crazy thinking about all there is to do!!!! I am such a control freak.
For lunch we ate Jalapeno burgers. My lips are chapped so I could only eat half.
Harrison has been actually eating lately. Normally toddlers are so picky you think they will starve to death, but I guess he is getting out of that phase or going through a growth spurt. He's still too skinny IMO but he sure does have muscular legs/arms so I'm not complaining. I wish being skinny was my problem!!!
I did not get to watch much of Talk Soup or Best Week Ever (haha my news shows)...just kept catching the ends. MEH.