Thursday, March 15, 2007

I could go to sleep at the wheel right now

but I am not driving LOL. Too tired.
I did not do much today other than bake all day. I made a sugar free, low fat cheesecake. It was scrumptious. Yes, we are still on the diet. Yes, I could kill right now.
I organized the clutter on my scrapbook desk and spent the rest of the night organizing my folders in my favorites (never been done before).
Hmmm... I think I will do a mommy review of recently seen movies~
Bridge to Teribithia (spelling...?whatevs)~I liked the book a lot. The movie was an updated but true to the book version. I hated the computer graphics. Tacky. I did cry when she died even though I knew it was coming. (2 out of 4 pacifiers up)
The Illusionist~Rented it but fell asleep during opening credits when I saw Jessica Biehl...nothing against her just she kinda bores me. (0? pacifiers out of 4)
Employee of the Month~ This was okay for a comedy. It was predictable, light and thankfully did not have much of Jessica Simpson. She cannot act--even surprised. Seriously, her face is frozen!!!! (2 out of 4 pacifiers up)
300~Did not see it but hubby did. He really liked it but thought it had a George Dubya slant to it. I still want to see it! (4 out of 4 pacifiers up)
Pan's Labyrinth~I like Spanish movies. This one intrigued me. It was a very dark fairy tale. The ending had a big twist though. I liked it because of the ending. Good acting. Good visuals.
(4 pacifiers!!!)
Open Season~Hated all the hunting stuff. Debra Messing...meh. Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher could have at least talked in falsetto voice or something. Why do they crank all these junky computer animated movies out??? I miss stuff like Shrek or Toy Story. And I DON'T want to see another bug movie!!! (1 out of 4 pacifiers for sure)
That's my mommy review for you! I have a blockbuster voucher for Stranger Than Fiction so look for my review on that coming soon.