Friday, March 9, 2007


I've mainly been busy keeping house and being a busy mom lately. Harrison and I went to Playzone today. He decided today to suddenly develop a fear of heights (must take after me!) so we spent $5 for only 5 minutes or so. He cried when I tried to encourage him to climb stuff. Then he kept jumping in their (dirty) ball pit (he has his own at home) and when he grabbed a yellow ball and licked it...that was the final push for us to leave. When we got home I changed his clothes so we could play outside. His back had scratches on it from their BALL PIT!!!! Talk about scaring the blank outta me. I was so mad I wanted to call them and complain but Ben stopped me. Instead we just cleaned the cuts.
Other than all that drama, my 3M ATG 700 Gun arrived today so now I have an awesome adhesive gun for my scrapbooking! I've opened the box but probably won't use it until tomorrow. I'm excited!!!